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Advice for Nonprofit Organizations

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Nonprofit organizations do a lot of good. But money is often scarce, so these organizations must find new ways to save money.
One way to save money on your technical items is through Tech Soup ( They offer computer stuff at greatly reduced prices to nonprofit organizations.
Like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Windows 10 and others at GREATLY REDUCED prices.
Companies like Microsoft, Intuit, Adobe, etc., donate these programs and all you pay is a small adminstrative fee.
Tech Soup saves you hundreds of dollars on your software purchases.

Note: Net Results is not affiliated with Tech Soup

Net Results
Nonprofit Organization Discount

We at Net Results support your efforts as a nonprofit by offering an automatic 20% discount on all labor and trip charges.
We reserve the right to change these terms at any time.
Revised October 7, 2020
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