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Remote Desktop Support

Microsoft is NOT going to call you and say you are infected.
Microsoft, Symantec etc. is NOT going to pop up a 1-800 number for you to call.
These are SCAMS 100% of the time!

Here is how it works
1. They say you are infected and you may lose all of your data if you don't call right away.
2. Then they REMOTE IN to your computer (you usually have to go to a website they give you).
3. They then "prove" you are infected and say it will cost $200-$700 to fix it.
4. You pay them with a credit card, they do some busy work to fool you, then they disconnect.
5. You are out of $$$ and you system is no cleaner than before you called them.

Just hang up on "Microsoft" if they call you. It is a scam.
If you get a pop up saying to call a 1-800 number, save your work and
reboot your PC. Then run ADWCleaner and MalwareBytes.

If you think your PC is infected, call a REAL computer tech.

Please note: Encryption Viruses actually encrypt all of your data and demand
payment or you will lose your data forever. This IS real. If you get one of these
call your computer tech IMMEDIATELY.

Did you know we have been doing computer tech support in Seguin and
the surrounding areas since January, 2000?

We specialize in keeping your business up and running.

We have training, certifications, AND experience.

You may have been told by your current tech company that something
you want to do is "not possible."  It costs you nothing to call us for
a second opinion. And you may find that it is entirely possible.

And, by the way, use an online backup service, such as or
to back up your data. Drives fail, viruses destroy data, etc. Backups are essential.
AND do periodic checks to make sure it is acutally working.

Here are some things for you to think about...

Before hiring "the other guys" to do your network support and computer repair,
maybe you should ask them about their qualifications. You would do that hiring anybody else.
Hard as it is to believe, MANY companies offering computer support have ABSOLUTELY NO relevant
certifications (like A+), and extremely limited experience. But they charge just as much or more than
experienced, certified techs.

If they don't have their certifications listed on their website, then they probably don't have any! 
Microsoft Certified System Engineers, (MCSE) like myself have at least 7 certifications. I personally have more than
10 certifications, and over 20 years experience managing networks. Compare that to "the other guys" BEFORE
choosing who to hire to maintain your network.

Also, you should ask for references from their customers. NOT their relatives, their customers.
Many of our new customers are referrals from our existing customers.

So if they don't have experience, training, certifications, and referrals,
why would you hire them in the first place to protect your critical business data?

We have been providing quality Computer Consulting, Service, Repairs and Networking Support
to Seguin, McQueeny, New Braunfels, Nixon, Gonzales and Surrounding Areas for over 18 years

Our Focus is Small Business Computer Support (1 to 50 PCs)

We work on a Priority-Based system, which ensures the
fastest possible response time when your business needs us most.
Work stoppage is the highest priority and requires immediate attention.
We consider immediate to mean in a few minutes to a few hours, not a few days.
We will leave a routine appointment to respond to a work stoppage.

Although our Main Focus is to Provide On-site Service to Business Locations,
we do Provide Support to Home-Based Businesses.


Important Information for Nonprofit Organizations


We are experts at managing Small Business Networks!


What We Offer

Here are some of the services we provide:

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Company Information

Net Results
Seguin, Texas

Established in 1998
Richard Schrauth, Owner

Net Results was established to provide professional, affordable PC and Network support to Seguin, New Braunfels and surrounding areas.

About the Owner

Richard Schrauth has over 20 years experience managing networks. He is an expert at troubleshooting computer and networking issues.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.

Click here to learn more about the Microsoft certifications.

His CompTIA certifications include A+ and Network+.

Click here to learn more about CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications.

Contact Information

Richard Schrauth
Net Results

Mailing Address
562 S 123 Bypass #214
Seguin, TX 78155

Metro (830) 303-0520

Electronic mail address

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